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Louise McKay Rib Cage Harness

The Harness: Outerwear? Boudoir-wear? Fetish? Lingerie? You decide!

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Mira from Lost in Lingerie wearing a white lace bodysuit and tulle skirt.

Lost in Lingerie is a website showcasing luxury lingerie, lingerie-inspired fashion, accessories and ready-to-wear from both established and emerging designers.

Launched in January 2013, Lost in Lingerie is the creation of self-confessed lingerie devotee Mira and her partner—both professional musicians. The site started as a form of escapism for these two creatives: Mira, from Poland, bravely stepping out of her comfort zone and posing for the first time as a model; her British partner the man behind the lens.

Since those first bold steps, Lost in Lingerie has gone from strength to strength, the pair continuing to create bespoke features and filmettes for the site, collaborating with brands and designers, and fast becoming a must-visit website for lingerie lovers worldwide.