Lost In Lingerie

Showcasing luxury lingerie, lingerie-inspired fashion, accessories and ready-to-wear from both established and emerging designers.

Latest Features

Bespoke features are what Lost in Lingerie is all about. Each feature is an exclusive photoshoot with a few accompanying words, introducing you to beautiful, sometimes unusual, always luxurious lingerie.


Strength in Restraint

The experience of wearing a corset is quite unlike that of any other garment, transforming your body to a greater degree than any other item of clothing. If it leaves you breathless, it’s all worth it.


Maison Close Jardin Impérial

A most beautiful, sensual basque and brief set in just the right colour. It seems you can never go wrong with that most iconic of French brands, Maison Close.


Adrina Dietra Forgotten Memories

There are certain garments which simply take your breath away, your heart skips a beat… like love at first sight! It may seem silly to say such a thing about a piece of clothing, but this is beyond attire—it's art!


Murmur Pagan Suspender Belt

For the true lingerie devotee, it is not enough simply to restrain our collection to the boudoir. We also seek to incorporate lingerie or lingerie inspired garments into our everyday outfits in unusual and interesting ways.


Louise McKay Rib Cage Harness

A harness defies categorisation. Is it outerwear? Boudoir-wear? Fetish? Lingerie? Well, I think it can be all of those things... it just depends on the day, your mood, and how you choose to style it!


Snow Queen

Feathers, delicate materials, gorgeously ornate beading and stunning design—a delicate robe fit for the Royal Ballet. This from a brand which truly blurs the lines between lingerie and couture.


Agent Provocateur Ariel

Allure, delicacy and a very feminine design; everything you will experience wearing Agent Provocateur’s ‘Ariel’ set. When AP get it right, they really get it right, and you rediscover why they have become such a household name.