Bespoke features are what Lost in Lingerie is all about. Each feature is an exclusive photoshoot with a few accompanying words, introducing you to beautiful, sometimes unusual, always luxurious lingerie.


Ladys Game

13th May 2017

Let's play…

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Morning Haze

5th May 2017

Oh, what a beautiful morning!

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A doll’s whimsy

22nd Apr 2017

It’s a doll’s life…

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Provocative in Purple

20th Mar 2017

We've all heard of pretty in pink, but what about provocative in purple?

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Mira wears leather harness trousers and corset

Strength in Restraint

25th Feb 2017

The experience of wearing a corset is quite unlike that of any other garment, transforming your body to a greater degree than any other item of clothing. If it leaves you breathless, it’s all worth it.

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Closeup of Maison Close Jardin Impérial corset in nude/gold

Maison Close Jardin Impérial

9th Feb 2017

Monsieur le Français, you are really spoiling us…

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Close-up on chest, wearing vintage lace dress.

Adrina Dietra Forgotten Memories

31st Dec 2016

Adrina Dietra's Forgotten Memories bespoke lounge gown: once worn, never forgotten...

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Closeup on reverse of Murmur's Pagan leather suspender belt

Murmur Pagan Suspender Belt

20th Mar 2016

For the true lingerie devotee, it is not enough simply to restrain our collection to the boudoir.

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Closeup on LMcK leather rib harness, worn over a black Cos bodycon dress

Louise McKay Rib Cage Harness

8th Mar 2016

The Harness: Outerwear? Boudoir-wear? Fetish? Lingerie? You decide!

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Mira wearing fur hat and ornate lace and feather top.

Snow Queen

29th Feb 2016

Feathers, gorgeously ornate beading and stunning design—a delicate robe fit for the Royal Ballet.

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Closeup on suspender and kickers of Agent Provocateur Ariel lingerie set.

Agent Provocateur Ariel

4th Feb 2016

Allure, delicacy and a very feminine design; everything you will experience wearing Agent Provocateur’s ‘Ariel’ set.

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Close-up on latex skirt and Maison Close beaded harness with layered bodysuits from Maison Close and Myriam Girard.

Light & Shade

30th Dec 2015

It can be hard to strike a balance between light and shade: the challenge I set myself was to put together a dark, strong look which still feels light.

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Close-up on Mira's thighs, covered in luxurious gold lace, trousers from Felice Art Couture

A Touch of Gold

14th Dec 2015

Continuing our winter series of outdoor shoots, this outfit started with these beautifully golden baroque-inspired trousers and the rest just fell into place...

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Mira wears a hook-and-eye front closure corset from Murmur over a sheer top.

Black on Black

1st Dec 2015

Winter is approaching and, in case you didn't know, that means there is a Gothic Queen waiting to emerge from hibernation in her castle.

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Mira wears a pair of Nichole de Carle briefs in green with attached strappy harness

Nichole de Carle London

15th Oct 2015

With its architectural lines, NDCL frames your body and gives you the confidence you need to unleash your inner superheroine.

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Close-up on Mira wearing the stunning lace red Elise bra from Edge o' Beyond.

Edge o' Beyond

7th Oct 2015

Beautiful designs with an emphasis on quality material and gorgeous colours gives this brand the "Edge" on the competition...

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Mira wears the sumptuous Kate hoodie robe in cream lace from Sapphire Bliss, layered over Agent Provocateur bra.

Sapphire Bliss

16th Jul 2015

A stunning summer sunrise in the city and an equally radiant offering from NY brand Sapphire Bliss... the perfect start to the day.

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Mira wearing simple but stunning black sparkly lace lingerie from Lucile Lingerie

Lucile: Pavillon Mars

8th Jul 2015

The revived Lucile brand is at once supremely British and undeniably Parisienne.

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Mira wearing the simply gorgeous lace high-waist briefs with attached suspenders from Sacha Kimmes

Sacha Kimmes

29th Jun 2015

Pretty, sexy and comfortable: this is the perfect summer set for your lingerie trunk.

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Close-up of Mira wearing high waist briefs in lovely plum colour

High Five!

13th Oct 2014

A high waisted tribute. Five of my favourite high-waisted knickers from five different brands.

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Mira wearing the unique hand decorated Made by Niki bodysuit

Made by Niki Exclusive!

3rd Sep 2014

A first look at Made by Niki's AW14 collection, Embroidered Bodysuit in Liquorice Swirl.

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Close-up on Mira wearing the Made by Niki string skirt in radiant candy pink and white

Made by Niki Exclusive!

30th Jul 2014

A first look at Made by Niki's AW14 collection, starting with the String Mini Skirt & Underwired Bra in a beautiful new color.

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Close-up on the lacey bra portion of this beautiful Myriam Girard black lace and silk bodysuit.

Myriam Girard Ravissante

8th Apr 2014

Elegance and luxury combined in this silk & French lace bodysuit.

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Mira wears a Cosabella cropped top with shorts, Mint Siren leather suspenders under her shorts.

Surrender to Suspenders!

7th Feb 2014

Whatever the outfit, spare a thought for the humble suspender belt. A few ideas on how to style this versatile garment...

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Close-up on suspender belt, Mira wears the strappy Lascivious Suki bodysuit and ouvert brief.

Lascivious Suki

2nd Jan 2014

A simple bodysuit and brief set with the signature Lascivious edge.

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Abstract crop of Mira wearing the strappy Feu de Venus corset/clincher and thong

Feu de Vénus

10th Dec 2013

Fighting fire with fire, a young but confident brand making a strong, edgy, exciting debut.

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Close-up on the sumptuous white french lace of Harlow & Fox's Eleanor Almond French Knickers

Harlow & Fox

21st Nov 2013

Luxurious, retro-inspired lingerie from promising new English label.

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Mira wears the crushed velvet copper coloured high waisted briefs from Blackbird Underpinnings

Blackbird Underpinnings

8th Nov 2013

Retro-style lingerie brand with 1920s/1930s look.

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Close-up of Mira wearing Agent Provocateur Jean bra with pink ribbon and black satin cups.

Agent Provocateur Jean

17th Oct 2013

All my passion was sparked with this gorgeous set.

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On the street, Mira wears a black latex skirt, Kim West black latex stockings, a white lace bodysuit and grey jacket from Karen Millen

Lace & Latex

11th Oct 2013

The joy of layering.

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Close-up on boobs, Mira wears see through 'Rue de demoiselles' bodysuit from Maison Close

Maison Close

20th Sep 2013

WARNING: desire, sensuality and a naughty spark in your eye guaranteed.

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Mira wears a beautiful, delicate lace bodysuit from lingerie designer Ines Perpina.

Inés Perpiñá

22nd Aug 2013

An indie designer with beautifully made, thoughtfully designed garments.

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Mira wears the NOE Alfie slip, a beautiful sheer dress.

NOE Undergarments

1st Aug 2013

They have become part of the luxurious lingerie industry for sure!

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Contemporary looking lingerie from eLai, focus on the chest area.


24th Jul 2013

This Pylon body incorporates a couple of nice design features which gives it that unique eLai twist…

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Close-up on button fastening of this lingerie garment, the lacey and extravagant fuchsia pink bodysuit from Sonata.

Sonata Lingerie

15th Jul 2013

Lingerie full of delicacy and beauty which gives you that unique and feminine feeling.

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Mira wears a lacey halter bra from Majo Rey

Majo Rey

27th Jun 2013

Lace Lujan is an understated, sexy set which I fell in love with on first sight.

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The delicate Fifi Chachnil lace and silk suspender skirt.

Bordello’s choice

12th Jun 2013

Something of a double bill with the spotlight on both a brand–Fifi Chachnil–and a luxury London boutique.

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Close-up on midriff, sunglasses tucked into briefs, Mira wearing the Selva Santa bottoms from Majo Rey

Majo Rey

17th May 2013

This isn’t a boudoir set but reflects a trend I’m noticing for a more wearable lingerie.

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Close-up on the front zip, Mira wears the Made by Niki Feel bodycon dress.

Made by Niki Feel

7th May 2013

It’s no longer news but simply the norm that the Made by Niki girls make only perfect pieces.

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Mira wears the simple but sexy knickers from Passionata, Lovely Passio, stretched over hip.


25th Mar 2013

This is definitely a brand to be aware of.

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Mira wearing a wonderfully strappy design from edgy lingerie brand, eLai. Close-up on hip.


21st Mar 2013

This young brand already shows direction and thoughtful design.

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Close-up of Mira in the string playsuit in black and claret red from Made by Niki

Made by Niki

5th Mar 2013

If you want to feel fringed and fashionable, here’s the place to start…

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Image of Mira wearing a lacey fetish-inspired neck corset from Decadent Designs

Decadent Designs

21st Feb 2013

Garment for those who are not afraid to be noticed.

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Close-up of Mira from Lost in Lingerie wearing these seamed stocking from Lascivious, showing the stocking top and clip, featuring a heart motif at the top of the seam.


18th Feb 2013

I ❤ Seamed Stockings

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Close-up of Mira's back showing fetish-inspired leather lingerie suspender belt and thong with brass ring from Mint Siren

Mint Siren Leather Lingerie

14th Feb 2013

Standing out from the crowd, unusual lingerie for the strong and daring.

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Mira from Lost in Lingerie wearing La Perla stockings and bra, and Mimi Holliday Bisou Bisou bow back thong.

Perfect Duet

11th Feb 2013

La Perla & Mimi Holliday making the perfect pair.

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Mira from Lost in Lingerie wearing beautiful Agent Provocateur lingerie, their Fifi red suspender belt and knickers.

Agent Provocateur Fifi

9th Feb 2013

An AP Classic in hot red!

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